New Madonna Leak “Rebel Heart”

Madonna remains an unapologetic bitch in “Rebel Heart.” Madonna’s giving us an early Black Friday present – a new leak of a song called “Rebel Heart” off her upcoming untitled studio album. As MuuMuse points out, she’s tagged many a post with #rebelheart, including this one with a shot of her and Avicii in the


Britney And Thanksgiving

Britney Spears is probably in Kentwood, Louisiana for Thanksgiving. We don’t know though – she’s pretty good at getting to and from without detection! Irregardless, she managed to take a moment to wish her fans a Happy Thanksgiving. Turkey Day is tomorrow! Hope everyone travels safely this holiday! — Britney Spears (@britneyspears) November 26, 2014


A Little More Personal (Raw): Thanksgiving

All snarky commentary aside: I love you. Thanksgiving is that time of year we’re encouraged to eat a lot of carbohydrates sans guilt, get together with friends & family and pronounce what we’re grateful for. I’ll let you in on a little secret (besides eating carbohydrates sans guilt): every day I recognize how grateful I


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